With Bottle Guys, refundable container pickups don’t cost your building money—they earn your building money!

Residents of strata and apartment buildings can put refundable beverage containers into the blue box. But it doesn’t make financial sense to do that, for two reasons.

The first reason is that blue box pickups cost the building money. Residents end up paying that cost, either through rent or strata fees. The second reason is that when refundable containers go into the blue box, no refunds are paid out for them. The deposit value of those containers is literally thrown away.

Bottle Guys specifically collects refundable beverage containers, and we pay the building up to 60% of the deposit value of those containers. We also give customers the option of applying their container refunds to the organic waste service provided by our other organics recycling company, WormWorx.

Either way, the building saves money. So if your building isn’t already a Bottle Guys customer, contact us today!

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