How we succeeded in the recycling business by really trying.

In just a few years, Bottle Guys has grown from a part-time business into one of Vancouver’s leading beverage container recycling companies. The reason for our success can be summed up in two words: great service. And our standard of service comes from our roots in the restaurant industry, where service is the name of the game.

The founder of Bottle Guys, Vish Hour, started working in restaurants when he was 13, first as a dishwasher, and later as a server and bartender. Vish became involved in container recycling in 2006, while working as a bartender at the Provence Marinaside in Vancouver. “A server at Provence used to take away the empties,” Vish recalls, “but he got too busy and stopped doing it. So I took it over as a way to make fuel and insurance money for my car.”

Vish left Provence in 2007 to launch a fitness business. But he figured it would be a good idea to keep doing recycling part-time until his fitness business took off. So he convinced three friends to chip in some money for a used van—and Bottle Guys was born.

Word about Bottle Guys’ service spread quickly, and the customers rolled in. Before long, Vish was finding it hard to juggle his recycling business and his fitness business. In 2008, he gave up the fitness business to devote himself to Bottle Guys full-time.

A lot of things have changed at Bottle Guys since then: our used van has been replaced by a shiny new truck; our customer list has more than doubled, to over 200; and we’re serving more residential customers. One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is our standard of service.