We give customers a good return on all their returns!

Bottle Guys pay customers a percentage of the deposit value of each beverage container we pick up; this percentage is known as the “reimbursement rate”. A customer’s reimbursement rate depends on the number of pickups per week that customer requires: the higher the number of pickups, the lower the reimbursement rate. This reflects the fuel and labour cost of additional pickups.

Reimubursement Rates:

Our standard pickup frequencies and reimbursement rates are as follows:

One pickup per week = 60% reimbursement rate

Two pickups per week = 50% reimbursement rate

For example, if we visit a customer once per week, and the deposit value of the bottles and cans we pick up each week is $100, that customer would be reimbursed $60 per week ($100 deposit value × 60% reimbursement rate).

Although we prefer not to do more than two pickups per week, there are exceptional cases where more frequent service is required because of a high volume of containers and/or a lack of storage space. In such cases, we can provide a customized pickup schedule and reimbursement rate that meets the client’s particular needs.

Bottle Guys provides recycling bins to customers absolutely free. We do not charge for bin rental or bin cleaning.

We’d be glad to consult with you about the pickup schedule and reimbursement rate for your business or residential building. To arrange for a consultation, please complete the simple online form found here.